DPG Meetings


Upcoming Events:


DPG Spring Meeting

Hamburg, 29 February - 4 March 2016

Deadline for abstract submission (presentation or poster): 15 December 2015

Deadline for online participants registration (Early-bird-fee): 5 February 2016

Deadline for application to the WE-Heraeus-communication programme (travel grant): 5 February 2016



Past Events:


DPG Spring Meeting 2015

i. a. division Gravitation and Relativity, in cooperation with the Astronomischen Gesellschaft

at the meeting in Berlin, March 15-20 2015


DPG Spring Meeting 2013

Two symposia held together with the Astronomische Gesellschaft (Plasma astrophysics and Numerical Astrophysics)

Talks of the Symposia on Plasma Astrophysics

Talks of the Symposia on Numerical Astrophysics

Jena, February 25 - March 1 2013

Fall Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft 2017

Fall Meeting of the German Astronomical Society 2017 incl. the 90. RGA

September, 18 - 22, Göttingen